by Bruce POSNER
1977-1978 / 35mm / color / sound / 1S / 5' 58

“The three parts developed over a year period of intense study during the mid-1970s. It sort of began and ended my dependency on “high-tech” equipment to make films and led me through the equally intensive parameters of what motion picture film could reproduce on a visceral, detail oriented level.

In contrast to the high end 2K digital technology used to restore ‘Manhatta’ and 'Ballet Mechanique', I learned filmmaking decades earlier on a 35mm Oxberry beam-splitter, multi-head, aerial-image bi-pac optical printer. A dinosaur by today’s standards and all hand operated prior to the advent of computer-assists, this machine was precise and exact to the frame. ’S&J: Pt. 3' took 26 hours to shoot straight thru without one mistake.”  —Bruce Posner??"

Posner's careening 'Sappho and Jerry: Parts I, II & III’ obviously calls for more than a single viewing before one can understand their structures or decode their deeper meanings.”  —David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor??"

Amazing use of 'Scope, multilayered imagery, completed w. an Oxberry aerial-image printer… By the way, folks (myself included) really went wild when Haller showed your film on Friday, and the audience asked for him to show it again on Saturday, which he did.”  —Ross Nugent, Pittsburgh Filmmakers

??“While the curator’s own 'Sappho and Jerry’ (1977-78) puts found footage through elaborately layered print and split-screen effects.”  —Michael Barrett, Popmatters?


distribution format Digital file on server
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 23,976 fps
sound sound
rental fee 27,00 €