by Eija-Liisa AHTILA
2002 / 35mm / coul / son / 57' 00

The film has five episodess each telling the story of a woman who has developped a psychosis. In the first a woman finds refuge underneath her bed from the maginary killers who are looking for her. In the second a teenage girl has developped skills that make her an ideal assistant of UFOs controlling sounds heard on earth. In the third episoe a woman has crawl over a bridge, because things have become unstable due to the emergence of past events. The fourth part depicts how anger takes the form of a wind in a woman's apartement. In the last episode a wonman starts to hear the sounds of others places, and shuts out all images by covering the windows of her house in order to be in the space where the sounds are. The script links the episodes togetherby using various spaces and surrounding, and through the treatement of images. The main actors in the he different stories play minor roles in the other episodes.


distribution format 35mm
3 reels (1598 meters)
original format 16mm
speed 24 ips
screen 1,85 - panoramique
sound opt
notes dolby digital 5.1
530m+550m+515m = 1595m
version originale sous-titrée en anglais
original language Finn
translation Anglais (Sous-titrage)
rental fee 162,00 €