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Récompense / 2 novembre 2016


Engram of Returning de Daïchi Saïto gagne le prix du meilleur film expérimental au festival de Jihlava 2016 !

Jury statement: “Masterful work in sound, vision and theme, producing a powerful cinematic impact, where memory processes are inherent in both the film itself and viewers experience. Clear vision, with accurate execution, making innovative use of film processing techniques, resulting in a highly successful treatment of moving image form.”

Spectres are haunting Europe de Maria KOURKOUTA et Niki Giannari remporte le prix dans la section Opus Bonum !

Jury statement: „People walking, people waiting, standing or sitting, people in groups or people in lines… In this film full of respect and tenderness, images of present cross history, evoke the past and question the future. Spectres are haunting Europe creates a time and a space of interaction between us and the world we are living in.“


lieu Jihlava IDFF
République tchèque
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