Phillips SMALLEY

Nationalité américaine

Phillips Smalley was an American silent film director and actor. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Smalley began his career in vaudeville and acted in more than 200 films between 1910 and his death in 1939. He began directing in 1911 and made more than 300 films by 1921.
Smalley was married to actress, writer, director, and producer Lois Weber. They met in 1904 when Weber was acting in a theatre where Smalley was stage manager. They began working in motion pictures around 1907, often billed under the collective title 'The Smalleys.' For a succession of small production companies - Gaumont, Reliance, Rex, and Bosworth - the couple turned out dozens of short and feature films. In 1915 they joined Universal Pictures, and in 1917 Weber established Lois Weber Productions, whose films were released through Universal.


1913 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / simple écran / 10' 32 / 40 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur