Theodore HUFF, JR

Nationalité américaine

"Huff made short films including two child burlesques, HEARTS OF THE WEST (1931) and LITTLE GEEZER (1932), collaborated on MR. MOTORBOAT'S LAST STAND (1933 with John Flory) and THE UNCOMFORTABLE MAN (1948 with Kent Munson), wrote the first U.S. director study, Chaplin, and was active as a collector of film stills, critic, film society activist, silent film pianist, film archivist, and college teacher." - Chuck Kleinhans
"Theodore Huff was one of the country's foremost film historians at a time when almost nobody took film history really seriously. He grew up in Fort Lee in the early film-making days there, and made his own personal contributions to the field from the late 20's on. He worked at the Museum of Modern Art for 5 years from 1935, among other things arranging the musical scores for many of their silents; he taught film history at NYU, worked on documentaries at the Army Signal Corps., and during the war years worked with the National Archives in Washington, where he was directly responsible for the rediscovery of their valuable paper print collection. A cameraman and painter, he made a few films on his own, and of course did a great deal of writing on film (history and reviews) for Films in Review etc; he did some of the best in the Director Index series for the B.F.I., and also wrote one of the best books on Charlie Chaplin, with a detailed analysis of all the films." - William K. Everson

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