Nationalité américaine

"Born in East Harlem, trained as a violinist, Herman G. Weinberg led a silent film orchestra, then prepared subtitles for foreign films. In the 1930s he made films, and later reconstructed with stills, in book form, Von Stroheim's Greed and The Wedding March. For decades he wrote a column Coffee, Brandy and Cigars." - Robert A. Haller
"In 1926, he was an aspiring concert violinist making his living by transcribing the symphonic scores from silent German films for the string quartet at the Fifth Avenue Playhouse in Manhattan. When the first German movies with sound arrived, Mr. Weinberg used his fluency in the language to translate the dialogue. Mr. Weinberg ultimately translated more than 300 films. He learned Italian and French in the course of translating films in those languages, and he worked from Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Czechoslovak, Swedish, Japanese, Finnish and Hindustani originals. In addition to his role as a translator, Mr. Weinberg wrote widely on film. His work appeared in The New York Times and Variety among other publications and his books ranged from film commentaries such as The Lubitsch Touch to Saint Cinema, a collection of essays, to the autobiography A Manhattan Odyssey, which was published this year. Coffee, Brandy and Cigars, a collection of his columns for Variety, also appeared this year.” - Obituary, New York Times


1930-1933 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / simple écran / 19' 40 / 79 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur