(1980- )
Nationalité allemande & australienne
fait aussi partie des groupes : BOTBORG, THE SUPERUSERS

Scott Sinclair is an audiovisual artist working in sound, video, performance, and installation. Using a highly interdisciplinary approach, Scott creates brutalist collages of audiovisual media incorporating elements such as computer music, cracked video art, found objects, custom-made costumes, and improvised performance. His work is often concerned with the over-stimulation of these elements to bring about states of intensified noise delirium.

Scott often uses new audiovisual practices to convey synaesthetic relationships between sound and color, whilst presenting his works through the illusionist framing of expanded cinema. This is expressed through the creation of films, limited edition art objects, live actions, and multi-channel sound and video installations.

Scott Sinclair lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


2017 / HD / couleur / sonore / simple écran / 6' 04 / 28 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur