(1973- )
Nationalité autrichienne

Timo Novotny studied in the visual media class of Peter Weibel at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and graduated with an award. Since 1997, he has been working as a freelance artist in the realms of film, photography and design. His first short film Wirehead was shown at 30 international film festivals and won several awards (among others the ZKM Medienkunstpreis at Karlsruhe). In 1999, Novotny created the short film Cargo as a symbiosis of three music videos he had filmed for the Sofa Surfers in Tokyo. The film has been screened at 45 short film festivals and was hon-ored with several prizes. Ever since, he has collaborated closely with the Sofa Surfers— creating record covers, music videos, and projections at live shows. In 2006, Novotny finished his first fea-ture length motion picture, Life In Loops – A Megacities Remix. The film uses footage of Michael Glawogger’s Megacities (1996), includes new shots of the same cameraman (Wolfgang Thaler) and became the first film remix in history. Due to its success, it was transferred to 35mm and had cin-ema distribution in arthouse cinemas. It was screened at more than 65 international film festivals and won several prices, most notably “Best Documentary” at the IFF Karlovy Vary. Novotny’s second feature length documentary Trains of Thoughts premiered at the IFF Karlovy Vary, was in even more competitions and opened the Austrian Pavillon at the 13th Biennale di Venezia of Architecture.


2017 / Vidéo / n&b / sonore / simple écran / 4' 18 / 24 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur
2003 / Betacam SP / couleur / sonore / simple écran / 5' 00 / 22 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur