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Craig Lindley is an English/Australian filmmaker, photographer and musician/sound artist, currently living in Sweden. He has worked with super 8 and 16 mm film, in styles that may be referred to as expressionistic, poetic and associative, and/or formalist. Much of his work involves hand development and chemical post-processing of film. Despite his work with and interest in sound, most of his films are silent.

Filmography (mostly not in general distribution)

Diaries 1 10 minutes, colour.

Diaries 2 20 minutes, colour.

Diaries 3 20 minutes, colour.

The Gift 7 minutes, b&w, 16 mm. Short silent drama.
The Gift is a drama about loneliness, miscommunication, and alienation in the city.

Paris mon Amour 17 minutes 39 sec, colour, Super-8.
Paris mon Amour is an unromantic look at life in the streets of Paris in the age of underground testing.

Sub Urban Tale 7 minutes, colour and b&w, Super 8.
Sub Urban Tale is an improvised, dark cautionary tale of the city and its
anonymous dangers.

Oedipus 19 minutes, colour, sound, 16 mm. Experimental drama.
Oedipus is a mythopoeic essay about childhood and erotic-sadistic danger.

Winter Magik Festival 10 minutes, colour, Super 8.
Winter Magik Festival is a subjective documentary about the Katoomba
Winter Magic Festival, its successes and failures as a tribal celebration of the winter solstice.

Black Sun 9 minutes 37 sec minutes, b&w, hand-processed 1997 Super 8.
A symbolic journey through planes of consciousness. The title refers to Julia Kristeva's book 'Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia'.

Mysterium 10' 35", b&w, silent, hand-processed Super 8.
A journey through inverted memories of reflected light.

The Demolition Men 6' 53", colour, sound, Super 8.
1997 Portraits of broken men.

This Darkness 6 minutes (changing), b&w, hand-processed Super 8. Short experimental 1997-
A cinepoetic exploration of masculinity and isolation.

Neomagesteriad 14 minutes 41 sec, colour, sound, 16 mm.
1998 editor.

A surreal narrative in a gothic, silent era style, backed by an industrial/abstract electronic soundtrack.

Requiem 22 minutes, colour, super 8. A requiem for broken 1995-1998 friendships.

Nature Morte 18 minutes, b&w, silent, hand-processed super 8.
1998 An industrial landscape in the space between purpose and destruction.

2114 2' 36", colour, silent, super 8 Kodachrome. Portrait of a 1998 suburb. The film uses the structural device of systematically increasing and then decreasing the shot length (from single frames), which also functions to convey the changing atmosphere in different parts of the location.

Submission 3' 38" @ 18 fps, b&w, silent, hand-processed super 8.
1998 A nude study, and the sadness of the gaze following the protracted game that was the negotiation with the subject.

Agoraphobia: The Imploding Filmmaker Volume 1
1998 13 minutes 40 sec, hand processed Super 8 Ektachrome. A film shot and processed within the bounds of a house and garden, eventually leading to a bottle of bleach in the bathtub.

die Überreste 12 minutes, black and white, hand-processed super 8.
1998 The cemetery of Wotanic consciousness.

Emanance (1) 12' 6", colour tinted hand-processed super 8.
1998 Transformed sunlight reflected at a phase transition.

Emanance (2) 9 minutes, sound, hand-processed and colour tinted 16mm.
1999 Sunlight reflected at a phase transition, chemically transformed into a convolution of concrete and visionary cinema.

Carnival 5 minutes, super 8, Ektachrome processed as negative.
1999 Dream-like images of a carnival (Sydney, 1999).

Artifact 12 minutes, super 8 colour and black and white.
1999 Documentation of industrial decay, in several textures.

Untitled 20 minutes, super 8 black and white.
2001 Retro fetishism of Nordic homoerotic masculinity.


1999 / 16mm / couleur / sonore / simple écran / 9' 00 / 42 €
distribution : 16mm ou Fichier sur serveur