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de Anna THEW
2003 / 16mm / coul-n&b / muet / 2E / 6' 00

A close up observation of trees in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, filmed in single stop frame motion on a clockwork Bolex using a 75mm and 25mm macro lens, where alternating pulsations of 24 still frames per second in image time, translate into optical syncopation. Each reel consists of over 3,500 images with mathematically planned sections, improvised cross rhythms, variations in colour, density, tree species and shape, with sequences following the Fibonacci series (Kren’s ‘Golden Section of film’) and countered with staggered 2:3; 4:3 rhythms. Part scored, part random and rough edged echoing the Japanese musical phenomenon. "wind in the trees"…
Viewed singly, the reels strobe like a fluttering play of rhythm with vibrant Autumn tones, stark Winter branches, trees in blossom, late Summer leaves and the odd insect... Viewed side by side, the stroboscopic phenomenon does not happen. Instead there is a perpetual perceptual exchange of flickering image... pure counterpoint for the eye.

AUTUMN is dedicated to Kurt Kren after ‘Bäume im Herbst’, Winter to my Father, who died in 1999, Spring to Rose Lowder after ‘Parcelle’ and Summer to my Mother who planted more trees than I can remember. A.T.


format de distribution Fichier sur serveur (HD)
cadre de projection 1,85 - Panoramique (double écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son silencieux
prix de location 38,00 €