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sun vision

de Barbara STERNBERG
2019 / 16mm / coul-n&b / silencieux / 1E / 43' 00

There were two initial impulses for the film: the paintings of John Turner (whence the bracketed title "sun vision") whose almost-not-there paintings dovetail with the space I find myself in at this stage of life: at the frontier between youth and old age, not all-is-still-to-come but not all-is-over yet either; and the spirit-filled paintings of Emily Carr, particularly her later swirling treetops and skies.

UNTITLED #1 is a film of liminal thresholds, borders, amorphous states - sky, clouds, fog, lake, snow. A film in motion - camera gestures and emulsion activity. People and seasons pass in the daily repetitive cycles- repetitions and reprises and beginnings again - sameness amidst the fleeting. Blurring, merging - the world as it is forming and disappearing… Not nothing, everything.

"Everlasting and powerful is the theatre of life, without substance, but forever in motion, forever doing battle with death." -Hermann Hesse

"The tree alone resisted our eternal flux." -Virginia Woolf

"…you stand embedded in a substance made of repeated moments run together…" -Virginia Woolf

The film speaks to the shifting changes from youthful summer’s high activity to faded wintry old age - and calmer waters. Every ending moves to a new beginning.


format de distribution 16mm
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son silencieux
prix de location 141,00 €