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de Jerome HILER
2019 / 16mm / couleur / silencieux / 1E / 22' 00

RULING STAR literally refers to the Sun as the giver of life and light here on Earth. There is also a metaphorical aspect that refers to an interior guide that a person has that sees one through a time of uncertainty and confusion. While making the film, I found myself facing a number of new situations. For one thing, this was my first film using negative stock after a lifetime of shooting color reversal. The new color spectrum was extremely limited and seemed to gravitate to either brown-orange or blue. Many of my initial intentions for the film were changing and new motifs were arising. Eventually, I found myself conceptually lost and unable to devise a way forward. None of my life-long habits were of help. This was a time when I had to open up to a greater freshness of purpose. I had to go forward into the unknown without a plan. The glory of making films that are completely self-motivated is precisely that one can try to find one’s own rules. It makes an overly pre-determined entity like film much more like a musical improvisation. To be sure, I have always worked in a way that was improvisational, but never had I had to trust instinct so blindly. J.H.


format de distribution 16mm
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 18 ips
son silencieux
prix de location 86,00 €