de Tony WU
2020 / HD / couleur / sonore / 1E / 3' 02

PRISCILLA'S DREAM is a film about a cat's dream journey. The original film footage comes from the American director Carroll Ballard's 1969 film THE PERILS OF PRISCILLA. In PRISCILLA'S DREAM, real danger turns into an adventure in a dream. In the original film, Priscilla shuttles through the human home environment, and in PRISCILLA'S DREAM, she dreams of breaking away from human society, into the dream, into the state of flight in the dream, and finally out of the dream and into nature, and gaining complete freedom. This film removes the dangerous encounters and restrictions in the original film, changing the situation in which cats cannot escape from the human living environment.


format de distribution Fichier sur serveur (HD)
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son son
prix de location 24,00 €