Tenement Films

de Luke FOWLER
2009 / 16mm / couleur / sonore / 1E / 3' 00

As the winning artist of the 2008 Film London Jarman Award, Luke Fowler was commissioned to produce four short films for 3 Minute Wonder, Channel 4s shorts strand.

The four films premiered on Channel 4 over four consecutive nights in April 2009. Entitled ANNA, HELEN, DAVID and LESTER, they are a series of portraits of four diverse individuals brought together through a shared residence – a flat in a Victorian tenement in the West End of Glasgow. Composer: Charles Curtis.

The four Tenement Films can be rented as a set at the rate of 160 euros.


format de distribution 16mm
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son son optique
prix de location 50,00 €

format de distribution Fichier sur serveur (SD)
cadre de projection 4/3 (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 25 ips
son son
prix de location 50,00 €