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de Caspar STRACKE
1995 / 16mm / coul-n&b / sonore / 1E / 17' 00

Tracing, re-constructing and reviving a filmscript of a passed away film-maker friend, that developed itself into a diary of the last three years of his life. AFTERBIRTH is the "outcome" of AFTER VANYUSHA (1995 | 16mm | 40 min.) a previously released longer essayistic verion of the same subject.

"Stracke uses the given possibilities of the medium film to continue a dialogue with a friend that passed away. The result is an impressing film that underlines Mr. Stracke's position as one of the most interesting experimental film makers in Germany."
Johanes Tritschler, journal film # 28

with Gershom v. Schalfenberg, Markus M. Schilling


format de distribution 16mm
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son son optique
prix de location 58,00 €