de András SZIRTES
1979-1984 / 16mm / couleur / sonore / 1E / 17' 00

I started to shoot my film diary from 1979 to 1983 with a 16 mm silent film camera. I shot every for four years. After, I edited all of them. Every part of the diary are autonomous films but express different kind of feelings. Very personal, very sensitive, I hope ? and on the visual level expresses how I felt in the original communist system of that time. Every part, a new step in the visual form of the film diary. If you watch them together in chronological order, you will see that.
>From 1979 to 1983, the 8 parts are the silent period of my diaries. Then, I continued to shoot the diary in video and I finished shooting in 2000. The editing took two years. The complete Diary has 17 parts. Each part is an autonomous film but I suggest you see the whole set.


format de distribution 16mm
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son son optique
prix de location 58,00 €