de Chris KENNEDY
2005 / 35mm / coul-n&b / silencieux / 1E / 11' 00

My grandmother cherished her large dining room window for the opening it afforded her onto the world. From this perspective she would see the arrival of friends and family, contemplate the change of seasons and reflect on time past. On the shelves of this window she collected mementos of a childhood in China, life as an artist, and the travels in between. Combining images of my own travels through Japan and China with images of the home my grandparents built, Jane’s Window reflects on the passing down of memory, curiosity and creativity across generations.


format de distribution Fichier sur serveur (2K)
cadre de projection 1,37 - Standard (simple écran)
vitesse de projection 24 ips
son silencieux
prix de location 48,00 €