2012 / couleur / sonore / 85' 00

After the tour through the burning palace (Burning Palace, 2009) Mattuschka brings us to an establishment that is fantastical, but at the same time typically Austrian. Early on in the film, the landlady points out to her cook that her histamine intolerance is but one of her many ailments, letting us guess already that this mysteriously-titled film will offer Freudian-schooled views into neurotically-wrought souls. We find ourselves in a building with several rooms that the internet-partner-search-obsessed landlady rents out to eccentrics working mainly in the arts: a masochistic art historian, musical twins, a dubious loner, and Michelangelo-inspired performance group. For us as viewers, this house of art is experienced through the perspective of “Gucki,” the landlady’s barefoot daughter who wanders through the rooms, her desire to have a look at times transforming to a tangible desire for flesh, while always preserving the dancer’s body control. In wonderful elegies, Mattuschka shows an artistic life void of class thinking, drafting in QVID TVM a utopia of devotion to art. And she does so maintaining the premise that while the shallows and quirks of this utopia’s inhabitants are observed in detail, they are never condemned. Only one must remain excluded; the dubious gallerist who it seems is only interested in crooked profiteering. As Mattuschka clearly wants to tell us, art that is a slave to the market, has no place in her building.
(Andrea Braidt)


format de distribution Fichier sur clé USB (HD)
cadre de projection 16/9
vitesse de projection 25 ips
son son
prix de location 272,00 €