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NYKino (1934-1937)

“Radical newsreel group centered around filmmakers Ralph Steiner, Irving Lerner, and Leo Hurwitz, who split away from Film and Photo League. They felt the League’s newsreels were “formless and as poorly made as the commercial reel.” NYKino released Pie in the Sky (1934) and the two-part, The World Today (1936).” –Bruce Posner

“In response Hurwitz formed NYKino in 1934 with Steiner, Meyers, Jay Leyda, Irving Lerner, and Ben Maddow, many of whom comprised the core group of the Harry Alan Potamkin Film School. Initially funded by Hurwitz's salary from New Theatre magazine, where he began working as managing editor in 1934, NYKino shifted away from the League's strict adherence to documentary form, and began to incorporate dramatization and creative cinematography and editing into the depiction of real-life events. NYKino's first projects included the completion of three films begun earlier by Ralph Steiner (Harbor Scenes, Quarry [a.k.a. Granite], and Pie in the Sky [1935]), all of which were edited by Hurwitz, as well as a dramatic March of Time-style newsreel "from a left-wing perspective" titled The World Today, of which only two segments were produced (Sunnyside and The Black Legion).” —George Eastman Museum


  THE WORLD TODAY - Black Legion
1936-1937 / n&b / sonore / 1E / 6' 00 / 38 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur
1934-1935 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / 1E / 21' 15 / 75 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur