Nationalité américaine
fait aussi partie du groupe : NYKINO

“Son of a Russian anarchist, Leo Hurwitz graduated Harvard summa cum laude and became a leader in New York’s left wing film movement from the early 1930s on. In the Workers’ Film and Photo League, NYKino, and Frontier Films, Hurwitz remained the quintessential politically committed cameraman, editor, writer, and director.” - Cecile Starr
“In late 1931/early 1932 Hurwitz's interests in photography and film led him to the Film and Photo League of New York, where he was soon joined by Steiner, filmmaker/editor Sidney Meyers, and Lionel Berman. In December 1932 Hurwitz filmed the National Hunger March in Washington from its start in Boston - Samuel Brody, Robert Del Duca, and Steiner joined him in New York City - and later edited the footage into HUNGER 1932 (1933). Additional Film and Photo League films on which Hurwitz worked as director, cinematographer, or editor include THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS (1933) (in cooperation with the International Labor Defense) and SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY (1934) (with the Political Prisoners Committee of International Law).” - George Eastman Museum


1937-1941 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / simple écran / 13' 04 / 38 €
distribution : Fichier sur serveur