Sergueï Mikhaïlovitch EISENSTEIN

Nationalité russe

“Eisenstein’s name is synonymous with 20th century avant-garde art. The Russian genius created films and film theories based upon an 'intellectual montage' created through a synthesis of cinematography, editing, and later, sound recordings and music. His films and writings were eagerly awaited by advanced filmgoers throughout the world. His influence upon ‘20s and ‘30s American cinema was unprecedented, serving as inspiration for amateurs and professionals alike. In 1930, he traveled to the U.S., and then Mexico, in an unsuccessful attempt to make a film. His presence in the Americas stimulated much debate within experimental film circles.” - Bruce Posner


1931-1934 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / simple écran / 15' 20 / 59 €
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SERGEI EISENSTEIN'S MEXICAN FOOTAGE - Dance of the Heads & Day of the Dead
1931 / 35mm / n&b / silencieux / simple écran / 10' 55 / 40 €
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