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Benjamin KRIEG

Nationalité allemande

Berlin based artist, filmmaker and photographer. Studied film and communications at the FU Berlin and graduated in Experimental Media Design from the University of Fine Arts Berlin (UdK) in 2008.

Latest works include video-installation for stage at the Bayerische Staatsoper Munich; video/photowork and book release as a member of the independent group Oper Dynamo West Berlin; installation for video, a circling screen and live music in Berlin/Basel [61 Minuten 27 Stationen]; shortfilm based on photos in collaboration with Heinz Emigholz [Ornament and Crime by Adolf Loos]. In 2009/10 he received a NaFöG postgraduate grant from the Berlin Senate for Science, Research and Culture.


2008 / 16mm / couleur / silencieux / simple écran / 3' 00 / 33 €
distribution : 16mm