Véronique GOËL

Nationality: Swiss

Véronique Goël, born in Rolle in 1951, has a background in clothing design, working independently from 1973 to 1975. She then pursued studies in painting and engraving at the Lausanne School of Fine Arts until 1978. That same year, she made her first media essay with a video entitled Soliloque pour une voix de femme et frigidaire. In 1979, Goël attended courses at the School of Advanced Visual Arts in Geneva. At the same time, she shot a second short film, in 16mm, Allegro. After another video, Avant l'été in 1981, she began her first feature film in 16mm, Un autre été, composed of sequence shots of equal length that describe the daily lives of young social outcasts who hand out publicity flyers. Goël continued her series of soliloquies with Soliloque 2/la barbarie (1982), which relates observations about separations and death to the topography of a city (Berlin). Three years later, she began her second feature, Précis, 20 sequences about the life of a man in its most mundane, but also unique, aspects. From 1982 to 1989, Goël was based in London where she held of variety of positions on three films by director Stephen Dwoskin. In 1988, she directed a documentary, Caprices, about the virtuoso violinist Alexander Balanescu. Her third feature, in 1991, Perfect Life, described periods of uncertainty in the lives of seven socially indistinguishable people living in the same quarter of a big city...


2007 / DVCAM / color-b&w / sound / single screen / 30' 00 / 101 €
distribution: Digital file on server
2005 / DVCAM / color / sound / single screen / 10' 45 / 45 €
distribution: DVCAM
1981 / 16mm / b&w / sound / single screen / 86' 00 / 318 €
distribution: 16mm
1980 / color / sound / single screen / 25' 00 / 84 €
distribution: 16mm