To encourage the distribution of works in 16mm on their original support, Light Cone offers programmers the possibility to rent 16mm projectors and availability of projectionists at very reasonable rates.

Projecting a film

For best projection results, please respect the following points:

  1. Make sure the equipment is compatible with the required type of projection (for example, projection speed of 18 frames per second, sound on magnetic stripe or separate cassette, CD, or tape, multiple screens, format and standard of videotapes, etc.).
  2. When a film is to be projected at 18 fps, make sure that the projector bulb is not too hot and that the fan works properly, otherwise the filmstrip may be scorched.
  3. Carefully clean the film path and all sprocket wheels (see drawing). Use hi-fi or computer aerosol cleaners and a non-abrasive brush such as a toothbrush. The projector must be absolutely clean ; otherwise, scratches may occur. Before playing videotapes, clean the playback heads with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol and an aerosol cleaner.
  4. If you spool short films together, never cut head or tail leaders. Any cutting of a print is strictly forbidden. Retain all leader material when splicing films together, and if necessary bring up the house lights during the interval.
  5. Focus the image at the start of the film.
  6. Make a note of any problem that occurs during or after projection.
  7. Do not cut or discard individual frames if a film should break during projection or rewinding. Just make a one-sided tape splice.
  8. After projection, rewind all films, audiotapes and videotapes to the start position.
  9. Do not throw away or write on the card describing the print condition.