General conditions of distribution

LIGHT CONE as an organization devoted to distribution and promotion of experimental cinema agrees to distribute in a non exclusive way the films deposited. This distribution is not submitted to any geographic limitation unless a contrary indication. Fifty percent (50%) of the rental price will be paid to THE OWNER, the remaining fifty percent (50%) being destined to finance LIGHT CONE's running costs.

A distribution agreement is concluded with every filmmaker/artist/right holder who deposits a film at LIGHT CONE. It is concluded for 5 years and renewed by tacit agreement every 5 years but for the explicit opposition of one of the parties.

The rental fees can be transferred annually on the right holder bank account only if the royalties are above 100€. The right holder must send back to LIGHT CONE a receipt. LIGHT CONE can supply annually to the right holder a list including the places where his or her films have been shown during the year. However a brief information can be supplied to the right holder at every moment. However, this information is available at any time if the filmmaker goes to his 'filmmaker's account' on LIGHT CONE's website.

Prints deposited at LIGHT CONE remain the property of the right holder. The right holder can remove the prints whenever he wants unless previous rental commitments.

Temporary print outgoings for personal reasons are allowed but should remain extraordinary, subject only to prior commitments and against:

Temporary print outgoings for personal reasons are possible for a maximum of seven days.

Temporary print outgoings for technical reasons (telecinemas, restoration, print work, etc.) are possible free of charge.

For every film deposited, an individual distribution form including all the appropriate technical information must be filled by the right holder. For the works to be screened in particular conditions of projection (expanded cinema, separated soundtrack, etc.), the right holder must supply to LIGHT CONE the most precise indications. The distribution forms are available on simple request, or online from the 'filmmaker's account' on LIGHT CONE's website. We incite the right holders to supply to LIGHT CONE a short critical and descriptive text, some stills and a preview DVD for every new film deposited at LIGHT CONE. This DVD won't be lent or rent.

To deposit a film with LIGHT CONE is to agree to the above conditions.