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Plan numérisation / July 13, 2020


As part of its mission, Light Cone offers a range of services, such as curating experimental film programs and presenting screening events, as well as rentals of projection equipment and post-production services.

Thanks to the creation of Atelier 105 - the video post-production residency offered by Light Cone since 2014 as part of the Fabriques de Culture de la Région Île-de-France - we have the digital equipment and skills to take a film from post-production to projection. The team advises and guides you through the different steps to assure an optimal finalization and screening of your work.

Please note that Light Cone members benefit from these services at very advantageous rates.

Post-production work

· Scanning of 16mm & 35mm film
We have at our disposal a Black Magic Cintel scanner for digitizing film. It allows a preliminary color correction, cropping, noise reduction and audio extraction from 16mm and 35mm film elements.

Effective Resolutions:

3840 x 2880 - Super 35
3390 x 2864 - Standard 35
3390 x 2465 - 35 Anamorphic
1903 x 1143 - Super 16
1581 x 1154 - Standard 16

· Digital color grading
The technical manager, specialized in digital color grading, will guide you through any colorimetric treatment or adjustment that is necessary to perfect the look of your film.

· Subtitling & encoding of digital video files
Light Cone's technical manager can create and/or apply subtitles and encode video files according to the needs of your project.

· DCP creation
We have the capability to create (non-encrypted) DCPs, the standard digital projection format for cinemas whose technical quality is equivalent to that of 35mm film. It allows the projection of films in 2K (2048x1080 pixels) and 4K (4069x2160) definition, as well as in 3D.

· Digital editing studio
If you would like to work with your own artistic or technical team, you can reserve the Light Cone editing studio (outside the post-production residency schedule).

Available equipment:

- Mac Pro (12-core) with DaVinci Resolve 15.2, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer 8.5.1, equipped with two screens (Dreamcolor) and a color-grading monitor.
- three JBL LSR 4328P speakers, two M-Audio BX5 D2 speakers, Pro Tools 12.4, Avid Artist Mix mixing console, Avid HD OMNI, basic Avid plug-ins for editing and sound mixing. Please note that our working space is not an auditorium but a 30m2 room, so it can only serve for a pre-mix that should be verified professionally in an auditorium.

· Screening room
Light Cone's projection room (with a capacity of 30 people) is equipped with a 35mm & 16mm projector, as well as a latest-generation 4K digital projector; it is available by reservation for group screenings permitting you to check and validate the finalization of your film.

Technical services

· Rental of 16mm & Super-8 projectors and lenses
The organization has several types of 16mm projectors (Bell and Howell, Eiki), with the possibility of adding a looper for projecting films in museum or gallery settings. You will find more information and the list of available equipment here.

· Installation services & film projection
Filmmaker-members of Light Cone can provide services of installing and/or projecting 35mm, 16mm and Super-8 films in the Paris region.


address Light Cone
157 rue de Crimée, Atelier 105
75019 Paris
tel +33 (0)1 46 59 01 53