An experimental animated short film that deals with the filmmaker's reconnection to the sensory memory of his adolescence.

A JOURNEY TO AVEBURY by Stanley Schtinter

A shot-for-shot remake of Derek Jarman's 1971 short film of the same name, exploring the ancient henge and stone circles of Avebury.

RAGTAG by Giuseppe Boccassini

A chronological timeline collage based on a wide corpus of footage taken from the so-called classic era of American cinema which 1950s French critics named film noir.

Funded by
the Région Ile-de-France

Atelier 105,
post-production residency for video

In October 2014, Light Cone introduced artist residencies dedicated to the video-based post-production of films that fall within the realm of experimental cinema, with the aim of supporting approximately 10 projects per year.

A fully equipped workspace located in Light Cone's facilities gives artists access to a film scanner for the digitization of 16mm & 35mm film in 2K & 4K, an editing station, sound mixing hardware and software, a color-correction monitor and dedicated computers for encoding video files and DCPs, as well as a 4K digital projector (Optoma UHZ65) for previewing the edit and color-correction on the big screen. This equipment has been assembled by professionals to allow filmmakers to have the best possible tools at their disposal.

The residency is intended for the work-flow of experimental filmmakers, and, therefore, eligibility criteria are deliberately kept open. Short-, medium-, as well as feature-length films are welcome, on the condition that shooting is completed and editing is already advanced. The residency aims to support projects currently in progress; therefore, proposals to re-grade older films will not be considered. While the project must fit within the category of experimental cinema, no other criteria (length, nationality of filmmaker, etc.) will be imposed.

A technical manager specialized in digital post-production is on hand to assist the filmmaker. Filmmakers are free to work alone or accompanied by their technicians. At the beginning of the residency, Light Cone's technical manager can offer training in the available software. If necessary, she can advise selected filmmakers in advance to make sure their projects are compatible with Light Cone’s software.

One of our main goals is to facilitate exchange, to share experience and to create a productive working environment for filmmakers. Beyond technical, logistical, and practical assistance, the Light Cone team (made up of filmmakers and/or programmers) also aims to offer artistic guidance and to offer a genuine platform for experimental creation. Filmmakers are encouraged to consult with our team concerning technical or artistic issues as well as general advice and to show them the different stages of the project.

The selection committee is composed of four permanent Light Cone members:
- Gisèle Rapp-Meichler, president
- Emmanuel Lefrant, director
- Eleni Gioti, co-director
- Mariya Nikiforova, coordinator of Atelier 105
and two external members who are chosen among the programmers or filmmakers working with Light Cone (their mandate cannot be renewed).
The external committee members for the first session of 2022 are:
- Brigitta Burger-Utzer, co-founder and former managing director of sixpackfilm, programmer
- Arindam Sen, programmer (Cinéma Parenthèse, Close-Up, Berlinale Forum, Fracto), film critic

The filmmakers-in-residence have full access to Light Cone's documentation center and screening room during their residency.

A Scratch/Atelier 105 public screening is organized annually with a selection of the films produced during the residencies. The films shown are selected according to their length, genre and the possible dialogues between them.

This program offered by Light Cone seeks to give filmmakers access to professional post-production facilities that are often out of their reach, while welcoming them to an alternative space for artistic creation based on experimentation and exchange.