Ivan Ladislav GALETA

Nationality: Croatian

Born 1947 in Vinkovci. He graduated from the Pedagogical academy in Zagreb, in 1969, in visual arts, and in 1981 from the Faculty of Letters, the department of pedagogy. He was one of the founders and main editors (from 1977 to 1990), and head of the Centre for multimedia research of the Student centre of the Zagreb University. Since 1980, he has been working as a guest lecturer at European universities and in different cultural centres. He is a founder and the editor of the program ´artKINO´ of Filmoteka 16 (today Zagreb film). Since 1993, he has been expert assistant for media at the Academy of visual arts of the Zagreb University, where he became assistant professor in 1995. As an author, he has been working on film, and later video, since 1968.
He participated at many domestic and international visual arts and media manifestations, and is acknowledged for his work both at home and abroad.

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