William Kennedy Laurie DICKSON

Nationality: american

"Although best known as Edison’s assistant in developing the Kinetoscope and Kinetograph, he was an important and influential filmmaker. Perhaps, Dickson was the only filmmaker to make films with a camera and a film format (35mm) of his design, in a film studio (Black Maria) that he also designed. He established film production for Edison (1891-1895), American Mutoscope (1896-1897), and British Mutoscope (1897-1903). Working as the director and with assistants such as Heise and Bitzer, he produced more than five hundred films, many of them among the most memorable of the era." - Paul Spehr


  ANNABELLE DANCES AND DANCES - Serpentine and Butterfly Dances
1900 / 35mm / tinted b&w / sound / single screen / 5' 18 / 24 €
distribution: Digital file on server
1900 / 35mm / color-b&w / silent / single screen / 5' 55 / 25 €
distribution: Digital file on server