by ALEXANDROV Grigory & EISENSTEIN Sergei & TISSÉ Edward
1931-1934 / Digital file on server / n&b / son / 15' 20

One of three films released by Upton Sinclair through producer Sol Lesser in 1932-34, 'Death Day' is comprised of footage shot by Sergei Eisenstein for his unfinished film ‘Que viva Mexico!”  This short subject focuses on the Day of the Dead festivities and is an homage to the artist José Guadalupe Posada. Though Eisenstein did not edit this film, his exquisite sense of Mexico and its people, culture and traditions is clearly evident.”  —Bruce Posner

“Eisenstein intended to make a film symphony, a film serape or Diego Rivera Mural of the seventh art. ‘I wanted to show a timeless Mexico where the past was merged with the present'; but the shooting stopped abruptly because the funding was cut, and although they promised to send the material, never received it and he died without being able to conclude with his own hands one of his great works.” —Oswaldo Betancourt


distribution format Fichier sur serveur
1 reel
original format 35mm
speed 23,976 ips
screen 16/9 (vidéo)
sound son
translation no
rental fee 59,00 €