by Bruce POSNER
1984-1994 / 35mm / color / sound / 1S / 4' 37

Original 4 projector piece with colored filters transcribed to 35mm film by Pat O’Neill and transferred to 1080 HD digital.

The middle film in a life-time to make trilogy, ‘ORGASAMATIC’ [the ‘a’ placed intentional between the ’s’ & ‘m’] picks up where ‘Sappho and Jerry’ ended in 1978, and ‘Mona Lisa Smiles (Again and Again)’ concludes in 2015. Moving away from the high-tech optical printing of ‘Sappho and Jerry’ led to the hand-printing and self-processing of films that were then screened on multiple projectors onto multiple screens. ‘ORGASAMATIC’ is the most extreme of these hand-made films in that the imagery is comprised from 35mm still picture negatives that depict persons on fire, children and men I knew that burned repeated times in real life and on film. The inspiration came from an indelible sequence excerpted from the pro-sterilization film, 'The Feeble Minded' c.1930s, wherein a young girl is forcefully induced into epileptic seizure by escalating flashed lights, a bad metaphor for the orgasm-addict eluded to by the new film’s title.”  —Bruce Posner

“Bruce Posner’s avant-garde was an eye-opener for the audience.”  —Barry Kral, The Dartmouth

“Short films embody the essence of cinema.”  —Jay Carr, Boston Globe

“Celluloid canvas for creative ‘Storm.’”  —Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times


distribution format DCP on server
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 23,976 fps
sound sound
rental fee 27,50 €