Out of the melting pot, Filming the Fantastic!, New Newsreel - Children’s Jury

by Joseph CORNELL
1927-1938 / 35mm / b&w / sound / 1S / 21' 25

Selected experiments:
Out of the melting pot, 1927
Filming the Fantastic!, 1936
New Newsreel - Children’s Jury, c.1938
by creators unknown for Weiss Artclass Comedies and Kodak Cinegraph, edit attributed to Joseph Cornell
New Music: Robert Israel
“These films represent a distinct type favored by Cornell. Excerpts from lackluster Weiss Bros. comedies were re-edited and re-titled into parodies of newsreels. An appropriate joke title card preceded each sequence. Cornell deemed the hybrids inspirational and incorporated them into his own versions.” —Bruce Posner
The Children’s Jury - New Newsreel c. 1938, 9’04
by creators unknown, edit attributed to Joseph Cornell
New music sound collage by Eric Beheim
“Images of children, clowns, animals, and Native Americans collide with snippets from travel, adventure, novelty, and industrial films. Many of the collage-editing techniques used were readily available in numerous short subjects produced during the 1920s and 1930s. Here the resultant conjunctions affect a surreal nostalgia that remains inexplicable.” —Bruce Posner
Thimble Theater c.1930s-1968, 6’55
by Joseph Cornell, completed by Lawrence Jordan
New music: Vintage organ music
“Cornell’s editing tactic is to seduce through the use of dislodged movie tropes. Hence the viewer is cut loose from any normal meanings to pursue the snippets of clips and fragments taken from long-forgotten obscure movies. One is encouraged to let the Cornellian montages wash over them in an endless reverie of ecstatic moments.” —Bruce Posner


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