by Karø GOLDT
2003 / Video / color / sound / 1S / 5' 00

Karø Goldt has created her own genre; she calls it "photo film". Lost is a further work in this genre, in which she has worked continuously since 1999. As is easy to guess from the reference, the starting materials for her cinematic works are exclusively photos, which the graduate of Friedl Kubelka’s School for Artistic Photography in Vienna naturally took herself. Whereby her earlier videos were highly abstract, in Lost the artist moves into new terrain: various motifs - for example, a beach or a kissing couple - appear from behind a veil of transparent stripes. Karø Goldt shot these images while on diverse trips (La Gomera, Sicily, Frankfurt) in the mid-1990s. The black-and-white photographs are covered over with a thick vertical stroke, the colouring and extent of which changes constantly. As with most of her photo films, also this film has a congenial soundtrack from the Duo "rashim" (Yasmina Haddad, Gina Hell). The dry, repetitive rhythmic patterns prevent the video from slipping into kitsch invoked by the emotionally charged pictorial content and powerful, warm colours. The video relates strong feelings and at the same time their loss and fleetingness. In this very personal work, Karø Goldt shows a great deal of courage: the openly romantic meets lyrical symbolism. Lost is a love film. Simple, beautiful, and moving. Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Lost is a rendition of an emotion’s transience. Colour, motif, and soundtrack complement one another to make up a story about "losing", either oneself or someone else, simultaneously.


distribution format Digital file on server (PAL)
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 21,00 €