Studies for The Decay of the West - Études sur Le Déclin de l'Occident

by Klaus WYBORNY
1979-2010 / color / sound / 1S / 80' 00

Why « The Decline of the Occident »? Am I convinced that it will fall? Or at least its European part? Of course, the title refers to Spengler and to his book, which quickly achieved fame thanks to its horrifying title. Like Camus or Marx, he fascinated the young man that I was. Some ideas of Spengler have accompanied me all my life. At no point in time did I think that they were really true, but something always seemed very close to reality. And while myriad other intelligent thoughts humiliated us to death in the historic dynamic that seized us, becoming ridiculous, those of Camus (whose Sisiphus we can still imagine as a happy man) or Spengler have lost none of their concision. I still don't have the impression that it is totally true, but there is always a suspicion that he hits certain points a lot better than those who express themselves loudly...
Of course, this film is not an illustration of Spengler's theses. But if there is a hint of truth, one must be able to also recognize it in the pictorial material presented, all the more so because some of it has since brutally become « unfilmable ». To this point, the title is a stimulating proposition that can be used during the screening if nothing better comes to mind. And thinking about the fall of the Occident, that's Vienna as well, where Spengler's European music was already buried with some success - perhaps valid for an hour... - K.W.


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