by Holly FISHER
2014 / Video / color-b&w / sound / 1S / 15' 30

“Not being fish, how do we know their happiness?” – Zhou Dongqing (1291)

Goldfish Variations, like its companion piece Thinktank, is made from one minute of footage filmed with an iPhone in a Chinese restaurant in Berlin, reworked with 18 layers of shifting video. Music is by avant-garde composer Lois V Vierk, whose work is influenced by Japanese Gagaku music; here are layered sounds from four instruments of a string quartet. Each piece can be projected and/or looped for continuous viewing as a wall installation piece.

Thinktank, a few minutes shorter, has the same music with a single cut in mid-section, and features a slippery floating text ‘hacked’ into the continuous flow of imagery, in response to current events breaking (January, 2013) as I was in the process of cutting and exploring this piece. While Goldfish Variations is purely meditative, Thinktank may spark a more edgy sort of contemplation. …


distribution format Digital file on server (HD)
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 60 fps
sound sound
rental fee 63,00 €