[aka 'film beyond film'] or iSBiC

by Antoni PINENT
2012-2020 / HD / color / sound / 1S / 78' 00

Season One.
10 capsules (#0 - #9) Mini series. 78 minutes.

"Art has reasons that reason ignores." – Blaise Pascal

On horseback from the diary of intentions, breaking of barriers, orgy of ideas and connection of thoughts - wild or unsophisticated - are the elements with which this particular organic catalog is built, in incessant agitation and transformation.
With an evocative, playful, didactic approach and into the archeology of the cinematographic corpus, in its most physical aspect and disapproving of nostalgia.
Cinema with art and ingenuity in a party of the beginning of the end, suitable for iconoclasts.


"'Cinema is an invention without a future', declared Louis Lumière in 1895; Paolo Cherchi Usai announced a little over a century later 'La morte del cinema', now others refer to the euphemism of a post-cinema. However, Antoni Pinent declares 'i STiLL BELiEVE iN CELLULOiD' relativizing those sentences. Knowing Pinent's work over time, there is no doubt that this new capsule project will be remembered as an audiovisual statement that practices mnemonics, that is, the art of film memory as art. Pinent, from digital craftsmanship, puts into work the essence, expression and experimentation of 20th century cinema. These remarkable capsules and their cartographic tables, recall like few others the emotional charge of cinema in its apparatus and language as a mental image from Media Art, being here where Pinent affirms his belief and memory in the essence of the cinematographic medium."

- Jorge La Ferla (Teacher at the University of Cinema and Chair at the University of Buenos Aires / Oct. 10, 2020)



distribution format Digital file on server (FHD)
screen 16/9 (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound sound
original language English
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