by Olivier FOUCHARD
2021 / Video / color / sound / 21' 00

ZE FILM is a psychotic reflection on the moving image. Graphic and sonic symbols in all their semiological violence dance within the film frame. Synchronous and/or discrepant, expressing the anxieties of a mental universe without a future dominated by wars and ecocides, of lies through information: "communication".
The ragman-filmmaker-iconoclast Olivier Fouchard mishandles files he downloads from the internet or extracts from DVDs, which he uses as rushes to construct a "Lettrist" found-footage film:
A brew of images and sounds collide:
In a world of sanitary tyrannies and techno-surveillance, marketing and mental manipulations that dominate our contemporary capitalist world:
One of alienation through the fetishism of merchandise.
The viewer of ZE FILM is confronted with their own desire to consume the spectacle-merchandise of the cultural industries, illustrated here through the "Windows" nightmare.
The blurred "Mac" transmissions are mental space-times between security lockdowns and temporary (?) removal of muzzles/masks.
Also, ZE FILM employs autobiographic fragments, distilled pixel by pixel, intertitles presented in enigmatic subtitles.
A film between two worlds:
Real and virtual worlds, in which cinematographic dreams and anxiogenic realities become dispersed in small segments of filmic narratives edited more or less randomly.
Olivier Fouchard uses mp4 files and consumer-grade editing software just as he used to make amateur super8 films in the past, relics of which are, perhaps, remain on shelves somewhere... Files will also disappear one day, when big data collapses and data centers will no longer receive electricity: Nuclear cataclysms will destroy this little film.
ZE FILM, work in progress from 17-03-2021 or "waiting for Linux", by Olivier Fouchard, maybe coming soon to a cinema near you.

— Stefano Ceccarelli


distribution format Digital file on server (FHD)
screen 16/9
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 86,00 €