by Tony WU
2012 / HD / color / sound / Inst. / 10' 00

THE LEGEND IN THE MIST is a newly created three-channel video-installation by the artist Tony Chnu-Hui Wu. This work is inspired by the highly symbolic ‘mist’, which is often used by King Hu. The work is a montage of sequences from RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN and LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAIN. The assemblage of various misty scenes highlights the ever-present theme of the Eastern poetic landscapes, similar to ink washing paintings, in Hu’s films, as well as the creation of a Zen philosophy of life.

Mist is transient by nature. It can distort our perception of reality. It paradoxically seems devoid of form and yet real, and because of these characteristics it is used as an element in King Hu’s films. Mist can create atmospheres which are poles apart, from the poetic and romantic, to the unsafe, precarious, and empty. King Hu likes to use the mist as visual element to create or intensify the moods. This can be seen in DRAGON INN, A TOUCH OF ZEN, RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN, LEGEND IN THE MOUNTAIN and other films. We could see the coiling mists and rising vapors in the fighting scenes or the cruel duel scenes of the swordsmen. This creates the tension, suspense and the poetic atmosphere.


distribution format Digital file on server (FHD)
screen 2,35 - Scope (Installation)
sound sound
rental fee 52,00 €