by Walter GUTMAN new filmmaker
1969 / 16mm / color / sound / 1S / 93' 00

“THE GRAPE DEALER’S DAUGHTER is an extrapolation of an erotic experience I once had, but it also wanders into pockets of American history.” — Walter Gutman

“A lovely collage of Gutman’s thoughts, desires, fantasies, memories and sexual longings for nubile young girls, all run together so that only way I can convey something of the film’s quality is to say that it is a Finnegan’s Wake of the movies. There is a Joycean rumbustiousness and joy and lustiness and lack of shame and inhibition to these naked dreams of an elderly satyr which makes it one of the finest, most honest essays into human desire that I’ve ever seen.” — Richard Whitehall, L.A. Free Press 1970

“The climactic scene of the film is a grape-filled orgy, in which Gutman and his leading lady strip (she completely, he at first only to his cotton Bloomingdale’s boxer shorts) and rub grapes over their bodies. The movie funny in a mock-horrible way, is another example of the underground movie as exorciser of reality.” — Vince Canby, New York Times 1970

“In the GDD, the quest for an ideal woman, the best suited protagonist for a film, leads to a Dionysian revelry cushioned by reflections on the American character, relations between the sexes (especially at disparate ages), and the myth of Bacchus and his solicitous nymphs. Throughout these cinematic essays, the meditative balances out the prurient.” — Guillermo Perez, Independent Spirit 1986

“A very rare, very humorous, very beautiful film. One of the most erotic comedies to come out of the Underground.” — Jonas Mekas, Village Voice 1970

“THE GRAPE DEALER’S DAUGHTER represents the triumph of imagination that successfully manages the phantasy of the phallic woman.” —R. Bruce Elder, “Walter Gutman and the Body” 1998

“One delicious joy de vivre film -- a Bacchanalian revel -- Gutman, the ultimate raconteur, celebrates the body, as the rival of today’s rational mind.” — Woman-Artist-Filmmakers 1979

“A Bacchanalian romp.” — Variety 1970

A Hawk Serpent Production
Produced, Written and Directed by Walter Gutman
Camera: Walter Gutman, Louis Brigante, John Delaney
Editor: Louis Birgante, Shirley Clarke
Starring: Anna Norteus, Walter Gutman, Linda Rubera, Paul Rubera, Lucinda Love, David Harting, Paula Tighe, Charlene Hess, Michael Levy, Marvin Scharfstein, Hanne Weaver, Serafina Malfa, Trudy Young, Suzanne Perry, Judy Van Hook


distribution format Digital file on USB stick (FHD)
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound sound
original language English
rental fee 200,00 €