by Boris DEUTSCH
1929 / 35mm / b&w / sound / 1S / 10' 12

"A Lithuanian-born artist, Deutsch worked as an industry set designer for three years before making LULLABY, his single foray into filmmaking. Like his painting, it treats a Jewish theme expressionistically, remarkably anticipating the themes and methods of Maya Deren’s seminal MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON (1943), also made in Hollywood." - David James
"Deutsch also made a low-budget fifteen-minute personal art film in Los Angeles: LULLABY (1929). Deutsch used moody expressionistic visuals and symbolic touches in the art film to convey the heroine's psychological state. He used his own special-effects photography and other cinematic techniques for a dramatic plot recognized as a precursor to the 'psychodramas' of California experimental film of the 1940's. Unfortunately, the only known print of the film is in poor condition and it is not clear that the print is complete." - Charles Bennett

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