by Michael SNOW
2000 / 35mm / color / sound / 1S / 4' 00

"PRELUDE is a very short film, two minutes long, whose brevity as well as density are such that the viewer barely has enough time to understand what it is all about when the projection ends abruptly. As Michael Snow points out, perception takes place or much too early, or much too late. Because perception, in this case, is composed of visual and auditory parameters that are almost never synchronized over the course of the film. With the exception of one moment, the voices, the sounds produced by the characters, and the music that we hear are perpetually out of sync with the perceived images, as if an evil genius had confused reality or a clumsy editor had mixed up the sound and image tracks. At the end of this strange confusion of sounds and images, a kind of filmic babelization, an optico-visual dyslexia, a viewer uninitiated into the work of Snow could conclude that it is a product of gross technical incompetence. What he sees does not correspond to what he hears, and what he hears is not related to what he sees. When the viewer is finally about to understand the sleight of hand of which he has been the victim, we hear a voice-over: 'Cut! Action!' It's over."
- Jacinto Lageira in Parachute, n°103.


distribution format 35mm
screen 1,85 - Panoramic (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 26,00 €