by Martha COLBURN
2002 / 16mm / couleur / son / 2' 30

A film revealing our animal instincts in a hot display
of dancing half-human female cats and hungry-for-love
dogs. Half naked/ half furry cats bump and grind their
hips and transform into human-like manifestations with
too much make-up and sexy clothes. Meanwhile, panting,
obsessed dogs look onto these scenes of seduction with
drooling mouths and popping eyes. This film uses flat
collage animated puppets and hand coloring of the
film. Soundtrack is a french version of „I Wanna Be
Your Dog‰ by Jacque Berrocal and friends.


distribution format 16mm
1 reel
original format Super 8mm
speed 24 ips
screen 1,37 - standard
sound opt
instructions for the screening Son Mono Mettre le volume deux fois plus fort
translation no
rental fee 18,00 €