by Tony WU
2003 / 16mm / color / sound / 1S / 20' 53

A lover in the past disclosed a life eroded by cancer in an e-mail. May 2003, plague and death expand. Noah sails once again in a journey without an end. Following Noah’s voyage, searching for the origin of memory and the infinite desire.

Collecting images. The image-memory in the home movies made for the past six years. The act of film-collecting has gradually become a desire to fetishize. Image-fetish, film-fetish and memory-fetish. Through the reproductive relation, such desire is transformed into a filmic act and experience. Fragments of imagery landscape have been cut into traces of memory. Images split, connect and jump over, roaring over like the imagery movement in the brain, rising in the distance just to be vanishing once again. The images of arriving and departure repeat themselves in a loop. The desired objects slowly emerge from afar. The troop of men advances face to face, and the glamorous queens move out hand in hand. A parade of single frames move ahead and the images flee.

It’s about a journey and a distance. A distance from one point to another. Trains departing, highways, navigating by water and air. A distance of filming. A distance from one image to another film roll, from one frame to another perforation. A distance from the real to the memory.

It’s about a distance and human relations. A relation between friends; a relation between lovers; a relation between bodies. The more intimate and close it gets, the more vague it becomes. Human body will eventually become an abstract landscape, in which the distance and relations between the perceived and perceiving will be manifest.

NOAH NOAH integrates home movies I shot over the past 6 years while traveling with friends and lovers. I combined landscapes postcard and flyer images I collected over the past ten years into the film. NOAH NOAH deals with relationships, distance and memories and turns the needs and desires that evolve from them into a filmmatic experience.

Director: Tony Wu
Music: Dino Liao
Camera: Tony Wu, George Hsin
Editor : Tony Wu, Bo-Wen Chen


distribution format Digital file on server (SD)
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 29,976 fps
sound sound
rental fee 84,00 €