by Christoph GIRARDET & Volker SCHREINER
2004 / Betacam SP / color-b&w / sound / 1S / 45' 00

Artists from films, whose lives are made-up, fictional artists: who are they, how do they live, how do they work? What kind of clichés do they convey? Do they reflect the way that contemporary artists view themselves or do they represent an anachronistic image of theartist in a society heavily influenced by modern media? The twelve montages, taken from more than one hundred films ranging from classics to B-movies, engage in a subjective game with these questions.

1. On View (1'00")
Prologue: an art experience.

2. Shape (1'20")
In Focus: contact with the screen, the first stroke.

3. The Hidden Masterpiece (7'55")
Crisis, destruction, the search for inspiration, loneliness.

4. Etude (1'10")
The strange, virtuoso hand, borrowed talent.

5. Session (9'30")
Painter and model: a relationship under control.

6. Theft of the Mona Lisa (2'10")
The real and the true Mona Lisa, the reality of an icon as seen through media.

7. I Am (6'40")
The artist at the center of his world: what am I?

8. Red (2'00")
Living color.

9. Space on Light (4'50")
Dismay, ecstasy, helplessness. Reactions of the viewer as mirror.

10. Secrets (1'05")
The hidden work, veiled, sealed, blind.

11. Picasso (2'05")
Fast forward: art history as namedropping.

12. Epilogue (1'10")
With crown and scepter: the artist on exhibit, cast aside.


distribution format Digital file on server (PAL)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
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