by Maurice LEMAÎTRE
2005 / color / sound / 1S / 172' 00


In order to fight, not for the society of famine, but for a society of better consumption, in continual improvement: In order to fight, not for the disgorging of a society full of orgiac , disgusting, and sad riches, but towards real happiness, constant ; for us if possible and especially for our children; In order to fight, against the infantile and brutalizing sausage-films made by moronic producers, their hypocritical complicit politicians and their valet «filmmakers", but also against the deceiving windmill of a fantastical pseudo society, that deprive us of the search for authentic creation of new emotions and astounding beauty.. a number of lascars (Larousse Dictionary: «A brave man, hardy, and cunning"), young filmmakers, men and women, and their old friends with discerning eyes (we also fought against youthism as well as old-agism!)... Presented here are several modest sequences of films made up of dirty little bits of films (just as those of a number of avant-garde masterpieces of the past by Man Ray, Eggeling, Epstein, Dulac, Etc.- if they were copied today by the little genuises at the Oscars or Césars)-, films perhaps destined, like those of the only predecessors that they admire, to become the unique heritage exalted by the spectacles of tomorrow, that of true creation, of eternal innovations, the only kind that can save us for the hell of disgust and poverty, misery of riche and even the common desperation of boredom. Come join our friends in this modest (but hard and heroic, because honesty is clean!) struggle, for the little but that you can give in support of their struggle (your struggle!) and enrich it with your dimensions, which are ready to be accepted amongst theirs. Try! Otherwise, attack them like the others, the egoists, the tight-fisted, and their dogs. (Maurice Lemaître, february 4th 2005)


distribution format Mini DV
screen 4/3 (single screen)
speed 25 fps
sound sound
rental fee 522,00 €