by Nathaniel DORSKY
1976-1987 / 16mm / color / silent / 1S / 28' 00

Sand, wind and light merge with emulsions. The spectator is the star. (N.D.)

"ALAYA manages a perfection of ‘musical’ light across a space of time greater in length than would seem possible (consider how brief most such perfected works are, such as Peter Kubelka, say) … and with minimal means of line and tone. … After about three minutes I began to be aware of the subtlety of rhythm, within each shot and shot-to-shot, which carried each cut, causing each new image to sit in-the-light of those several previous … a little short of a miracle." Stan Brakhage


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 18 fps
sound silent
rental fee 118,00 €