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by Olivier FOUCHARD
1995-2006 / DVD / color / silent / 1S / 100' 00

"Heat up the arsenic
Heat up the mercury
Heat adventure till it rises above your belt. And throw the nuggets in the trash"
(Extract from the album "Imprudence" by Alain Bashung)

This is Olivier Fouchard's second video feature (the first "Experience Privee" (A Private Experience) 60 minutes, 1995, has not been released and is not in distribution).
The fragility and obsolescence of the VHS format oblige the film-maker to take a radical stance with regard to the "principle of conservation" of images ... we are left with a rare taste for the ephemeral.
The film-maker has declared that "the film will not be fully completed until it has disappeared entirely"
Olivier Fouchard has been making features and shorts on video since 1995; has he finally decided to confront the fatwah of the Ayatollahs of film and reveal these videos to the world?(Stefano Ceccarelli)

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