by Barbara HAMMER
1984 / 16mm / color / sound / 1S / 3' 00

"Rapid montage shows a plethora of objects all arranged in, or with reference to, the central prop of a dollhouse. We see whimsical references to domesticity (kitchen implements), clothing (shoes), the housing situation (want ads), feminist film (Annette Kuhn's book Women's Pictures), relationships, claustrophobia. The final shots show the dollhouse outside, up in the branches of a tree - by the effort of cinema, the dollhouse has become a tree-house. This thematic movement mirrors the movement of Barbara Hammer's films in the last few years: from preoccupation with inside/the body, to a claiming of outside/the landscape."
Claudia Gorbman, Jump Cut.


distribution format 16mm
screen 1,37 - Standard (single screen)
speed 24 fps
sound optical sound
rental fee 18,00 €