by Dominic ANGERAME
1984 / 16mm / b&w / sound / 1S / 2' 00

Music by Ray Charles.
The ultimate rejection film. A compilation of many of the rejection notices and letters that I have received during my fifteen years of making films.

"Films that offer an intelligent glimpse of personal struggle and/ or foibles of their creators seem destined for a warm reception in any festival. In the world of independents, a short like HIT THE TURNPIKE! is the finest way to end a lengthy screening. For those unfortunate enough to have suffered the agony of rejection (as filmmakers) or decision, HIT THE TURNPIKE! is the kind of film that encourages you to leave disappointment behind. Angerame alternates extreme close-ups of his many rejection slips with pointed compilation. The found footage ending the film sums it up: the sight of a surfer being towed through flood-ravaged streets tells us that even when disaster strikes, there's fun to be had." – Kevin Howe


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sound sound
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