by Cécile FONTAINE
1986 / Super 8mm / color / silent / 1S / 21' 00


- A COLOR MOVIE, 1983, coul, sil, 4min43.
Film combining short sequences shot with the camera by myself and short ones created on underexposed materials manipulated with the artist's tools or coming from reels shot by my father. It's a «suite» of visual experiments cut by an overexposed selfportrait.

- LE DÉJEUNER SUR L'HERBE,1986, 0min57.
One of the first Super 8 made from materials by my father (home movie of the 70's) which emulsion has been peeled up from its base and saped on a new surface, in a different manner.

- LIGHT, 1986, 3min18.

- 3 SHORTS, 1984, 5min24.
-"L'atelier de peinture" Live action combine with manipulation of the film by bleaching or displacing the emulsion side and with collage of acetate or 35mm slides.
-"Church" Live action manipulated with «ammonia base detergent».
-"Subject:Sound Color Picture" Found Footage recut into S-8mm and edited on the academy leader structure.

- MOUVEMENT N° 2, 1983, 1min35.
One of the first experiment with the camera and with the editing splicer. A fast edited film using materials from several 3min films shot in the streets of Boston.

- LA CHAMBRE VERTE, 1984, 4min23.
Bleached S8 film shot by myself and recovered with new's paper prints and pulp.


distribution format Super 8mm
speed 18 fps
sound silent
rental fee 89,00 €